a bit over 20,500 – that’s how many days i’ve been alive.

taking away the first couple of years when pablum was on the menu, and some off for illness, fasting, traveling, weird schedules, late lunches and just-not-hungry, i’d say that’s about 19,000 dinners.

and taking away restaurants, my mother, college, and other folks in the household, probably about 14,000 or so cooked by me. the number is kind of hard to fathom. but not surprising that it’s sometimes a challenge to think of what to cook!

so no, today isn’t a special day, it’s just one of those many thousands, and thinking of them all, the idea of capturing a year’s worth in photos doesn’t seem quite so daunting.

so we’re starting here, 15 november 2012, the first dinner picture for the next 365 days. some days i may be fasting, but if so, it’ll be whatever’s on the table even if i’m not eating. sometimes it will be restaurants, sometimes it may be in other countries or at others’ tables. but it will be a record. i may post recipes and i may not. the photos will be what they will be – our dining area is not blessed with the greatest lighting, but i’ll do my best. in general, i’m not planning on commentary other than to say what was on the menu, since it’s not always evident, although i may break that rule on occasion.

(clicking on the pictures in the post will take you to flickr, where there may be additional pictures…)